What is non-combat death?

A non-combat death is the death of an active duty soldier, airman, marine or sailor due to accident, suicide, illness, homicide, or the reckless negligence of command which places military personnel in unnecessary danger.

There are some who would argue that death caused after deployment and separation from the military which is directly related to PTSD or exposure to toxic materials is also rightly cosidered non-combat death.

Thousands of military non-combat deaths have gone uninvestigated.  In some cases, the cause of death has been purposely misrepresented by the military services.  Family members, noticing inconsistencies in reports and seeking answers are generally ignored.  Years go by and eventually these non-combat deaths are successfully covered up and forgotten.  The purpose of this website is to give families knowledge and support in finding answers.  There is strength in numbers, and we are finding one another!

This is a place to share stories and techniques for getting information.  We encourage families who are seeking answers or who dispute the circumstances of their loved ones’ deaths to join us in fighting goverment bureaucracy.  We give the opportunity here to write down your loved one’s story to be published online.

We also maintain a private discussion email list for family members.  Contact us for more information.